Creek/ Rainforest

The Big Scrub was the largest area of subtropical rainforest in eastern Australia. It was dominated by the Red Cedar which was eagerly sought by the early cedar getters for its fine quality timber.
It covered much of what is now Byron Bay and Lismore in the northern rivers area of NSW and was estimated to cover 900 sq kilometres. It was then intensively cleared for agriculture in the 19th century. Only a few remnants survived the clearing with less than 1% now existing. Two of these remnants, Booyong and Victoria Park are close to Tallaringa Views.

Maguires Creek (named after one of the early cedar getters) is the back boundary of Tallaringa Views and for the last 15 years we have been working along the creek and in the adjacent regrowth rainforest eliminating introduced species and planting rainforest trees. Over 100 species have been identified in this area including several which are on the rare and endangered list.

There is a resident platypus (or maybe 2) in Maguires Creek as well as fish, turtles, water dragons and frogs. Two internal creeks feed into Maguires creek within our property. Guests are invited to hike from their cottages, past the dam to the creek and walk beside it to enjoy the rapids, pools and rainforest.

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